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First Ever Wearable Roulette Computer

The first wearable roulette computer device was accredited to Claude Shannon (Responsible for the internet’s super highway) and Ed Thorp( Author of beat the Dealer) devised in 1966, but conceived in 1955. Although we have two great mathematicians working on such a system, it proved fruitless due to the limited technology at the time, later Claude Shannon removed all notions that he had ever worked on such a project from many queries made for fear of ridicule. Remember, this was a time of Analogue, not Digital, their device working with components that used voltage mathematical computational circuits was too basic to perform the necessary accurate calculations for roulette prediction in the open field, many problems were encountered in Vegas in 1961, but a lot down to hardware problems . Tested in a basement on their roulette wheel under ideal conditions, it showed a 44% advantage. I had the chance to Speak to Claude Shannon a year before he died where he stated that the device they worked on never worked in the casinos as well as in the basement, they won a little, but not enough to prove conclusively that it worked due mainly to hardware problems, wires breaking etc, but stated that with the new advent of new technology, was easily feasible should any physics or math Expert wish to pursue this. So, the product was foresight, rather than completed and finished. Several other people also exchanged several emails with him before he died that I have chatted to, although I believe Shannon was more interested in talking about Genetic Algorithms than roulette prediction