How to beat Roulette




Bias Wheel Play

If you gather enough data from a particular wheel that exhibits imperfections around the rotor, it is possible to exploit this without any use of roulette computers or electronic devices. This is proving more difficult to execute as casino staff check their wheels on a regular basis all over the world. One Family in Spain who was taken to court by a casino for making large amounts of money, over a million within a few years ,had the courts rule in favor of the Gonzalo Garcia-Pelayo has they had not interfered with the game in hand, but only used their skill of observation to beat the game of roulette. The system takes a long time to implement, the casinos swap the rotors round on a regular basis to further confuse you, so tracking the rotors can prove difficult. Evaluation time may yield nothing, so a lot of time is needed to mark the perfect wheel for a gambling spree where you cannot lose!

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