How to beat Roulette




Le Defi roulette computer

Martin Lefebvre took the roulette predictive works of Henry Arslanian and decided to incorporate them into his own roulette predictive device. Although Martin started out with a crude and basic Palm computer, he later moved to more advanced platforms and worked with some of France’s more professional Players who commissioned him to improve his software and hardware platforms. Mark Howe has supplied him the world’s smallest hearing aids for the last 6 years along with other accessories. Martin himself  has massive success in some of Europe’s most prestigious casinos, but also helps maintain some France’s best Players. Martin is a little old now to play, his eyesight failing, but set out to accomplish in life, a workable roulette predictive system that he could use himself. The mathematics of the system has to go to Henry Arslanian who attacked the problem of beating roulette in a good sound methodical approach. In Return for Mark Howe helping him with his roulette hardware side and practical side of roulette prediction, Martin send Mark Howe a roulette computer that he had created on a Palm operating system shown in the picture. Howe also commented that this system worked well when he tested it on one of his many wheels, although he had some problems understanding the French Language. Howe loaned this to us for testing with Martin’s approval and we found this system to be very effective indeed.

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