How to beat Roulette




Miro Zirdum (FORESTER)This relies on roulette speeds and ball speeds to harmonize together on tilted wheels in order for his system to work, but it does work. Its very similar to our OLD Radical Roulette computer in many ways. The guy uses a well established known fact and dresses it up in an electronics package to warrant charging you a little over the odds when the theory that is someone else’s and the mathematics borrowed too ( In fact you do NOT NEDD THE ELECTRONICS COMPUTER TO APPLY HIS METHOD, it can done without it, he created this to make money and protect the idea that he borrowed.Its  basically the same as JAFCOS equipment and Steven Hourmouzis Equipment.  They Rely on consistent ROTOR SPEEDS OR ROTOR SPEEDS WITHIN A CERTAIN PARAMETER TO WORK, CONDITIONS YOU NEVER FIND IN MODERN CASINOS.



Forums are a breeding ground for deception, the owners posting as their own customers with positive reviews using fake names and posting as customers of their competition with Negative Reviews.  The golden Rule is to only ever buy with a 100% Money back Guarantee protected through your Visa card ( American Express) or by using EBAY with their recent 100% Refundable Guarantee when using their services with PayPal.

Uses Consistent ROTOR SPEEDS throughout his videos meaning dealer signature can be applied and he can trick you into believing his systems work. In a real casino, these CONDITIONS would never exist to be exploited, the casinos have known about this for over 30 years so they do not allow Consistent Rotor Speeds. This You can see Yourselves.


When you look at the FACTS, this guy has not developed anything new, he’s taken other peoples knowledge from *Visual Ballistics*and dressed it up with electronics because hers not that good at working out his own mathematics which is a shame, because I know he’s actually very good at maths. His site has some interesting info though and well worth the visit if you are into roulette computers.

I am always perturbed when I see public forums discussing how good something is, then its there to sell a product and bait people, something I would never do.

I was sent all of his programs FOR FREE from several of his customers that have found it to be a scam and not work like he says it works. But I suspect its because they do not understand how to operate it possibly.

Proof I have his programs, here is the names

Unlimited7nov209.HEX    Unlimited7nov209.HEX
removedE4(2).HEX    removedE4(2).HEX
ffa_U_setup_Jan2010.pps    ffa_U_setup_Jan2010.pps
unlimitedFeb2010_7.HEX    unlimitedFeb2010_7.HEX