How to beat Roulette




This came on the market place in 2002 Developed by Mark Reed and friends in London, UK, but was short lived, only a few was sold, but incapable of working on real roulette wheels in many cases, the word spread over the net that this product was clearly poor and unreliable. it was easy to copy the source code and program written In Visual Ballistic and see the simplicity of the mathematics within the program. But, sometimes it’s not about the functionality of a product, it can be about marketing. Stefano Hourmouzis copied this code, bundled it into a mobile phone and called it his own, selling many of these to unsuspecting victims through his site promotion sites, although the authorities are now investigating him at present. It’s make positive feature was the game made to disguise its real function, even though its real function did not work that well.  The product does work, but very poorly, and in the wrong hands would only cause you a loss. Even after the revamping and added features made to it by Stefano hourmouzis of, one of his customers still could not make any money from it after having it for over 8 months. Read more at One of the poor features was also the four button controller that needed to be used in order to use their system from your pocket, clearly ridiculous. Stefano removed these poor features, but unfortunately did not improve the mathematics of the system to make it beat roulette with a decent edge.