How to beat Roulette




Jafco roulette seems to be pretty genuine at first glance, but is purely based on DEALER SIGNATURE and Consistent ROTOR SPEEDS which do not happen now in casinos, so impossible to gain  an edge unless you find some sloppy dealer and pit boss not doing their JOB! From his dealer signature to his Roulette Computers, they require consistent conditions, you may find them, then it works, but could spend weeks finding such conditions, hence why he’s selling and his videos look so impressive, simple trickery! ALSO NOT MUCH SCATTER ON HIS BALLS.

Note where the ball hits the first pocket has it comes down from the banking then note how many pockets it finishes away. YOU WOULD NEVER FIND SUCH CONDITIONS IN A CASINO LIKE THIS THESE DAYS. This is extremely misleading and to a novice looks impressive until they try to get the same results in the REAL casinos on modern wheels.

CNC Corrian ball track, the banking is steep and the central HUB has steep gradient that runs in the pocket bottom. This causes the ball to scatter very little, maybe -5 to +5 the majority of time making this very easy to predict or IMPRESS people with video footage demonstrating a roulette computer. Avoid anyone showing such a wheel, you will not find it in any casinos I know of these days. The casinos banned the use of them because they were so easy to beat with even the most basic of roulette computers. To test if such a seller is using such tricks, look where the ball strikes the rotor in their video and where is finishes up, + or – from its first strike pocket. If the distribution is small, then they are fooling you. When you come to use their computer on a real modern wheel it will not work like it did on their video footage, if at all.

Most distribution will have a positive bell shaped distribution offset away from the strike point usually in the direction of ball travel. it will usually be spread over the entire 37 pockets shown here.


Ball Distribution of the CNC Corrian Ball scalloped wheel track that are just about none existent in modern Casinos used by JAFCO

The downside is the cost and the hardware and the footage made on such an old easily beat wheel that has no comparison to modern day wheel behaviour.  . The system is several thousand dollars $4000, the hearing aid retailing at $400, yet can be purchased from other suppliers for only $100. They do not rent, but do claim to give personal demonstrations ( hope it is not with this wheel). They could stay at my house for a week free of charge for those prices! OVERPRICED?. What is of interest is that these guys do know something, its just a shame they are using this wheel to make their product look much better than it really is, They do show how a croupier can influence where the ball will hit the rotor like Steven Hourmouzis does in his videos. This is called Dealer signature and is common knowledge amongst seasoned players and casino staff. Steven Hourmouzis does this in his videos to make it appear like his systems are working, but in reality, he is simply placing the ball there to fool you, like a skilled Bowls, Darts or tennis player can play a ball. If this sounds far fetched, check this footage below. but could be applied to real casinos these days.

Croupier Video 1 Croupier Video 2