How to beat Roulette





This site is owned by Mike Barnett who is sole operator that runs a consultancy business on casino cheats and casino cheating products. He advises companies how to that casino cheats and how to spot them. He also successfully used a roulette computer a few years ago in the UK and made around an overall profit of 20% over many months play. His software can be purchased for evaluation by casino operatives from his site..  He adopted some of the features in Mark Howe’s roulette computer that details scatter analysis and found this a useful addition. Mikes program (P800_Roulette_V1.ARM.CAB (4.78 MB)) that we have loaded onto an IJAM performs reasonably well, although it only works on level wheels. Mikes roulette computer was offered to the NWML in the UK for testing by GbGB Gambling commission to prove that roulette computers can show an edge which was successful. Mark Howe also offered his device for testing at the same time and discussed some of the problems associated with roulette computer prediction. Mikes services offered to the casinos could prove troublesome for the roulette computer player and casino cheat, Mike Barnett clearly knows his stuff and is the sworn arch enemy of roulette computer users all over the world. Some of the casinos refuse to use Mike Barnett for consultancy because of his involvement as a casino cheat, proving he runs with the hares and runs with the hounds. Personally Mike Barnett is clearly an expert in these fields and what he charges for his advice to casino operatives is priceless.