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The Eudeamonic Pie roulette computer

This system was mentioned in the work done by the team depicted in the book ‘The Eudaemonic Pie’ ,tilted’ The Newtonian Casino’  in England . Although everyone who reads this book is under the impression that the original system worked, it clearly did not. A delay fault in the interrupt driver in the original program made the program not functional in a real casino environment. This was later revamped and recoded by Laurance Scott and Fred Britain. The system was never sold publicly, but used with very partial success by the team, problems arose with the way the KIM computer was created, its hardware as well as its software were to cause it to fail repeatedly. One of the Team members Thomas A Bass made more money from writing about the exploits than all of the team collectively from any winnings. It was a brave attempt in a world were technology had not advanced enough to make this a viable project. It was a marvel for its time, built into a shoe with full communication by infrared from the heels, it was clearly ambitious. They were followed by casino personal one night due to infrared detected by old and modern CCTV cameras. Unbeknown to the team, infrared flashes shows up extremely bright on CCTV monitors. Although this is the only computer we have not got, we have it on good authority that it did not perform all that well originally.